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from the ground up

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i suck
  joLin, Apr 02 2011

[x] donk on a heater

[ ] will still be around in 5 years

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mid month update
  joLin, Jan 20 2011

im the best. that is all.

now time to try to not lose a bunch of money.

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  joLin, May 23 2010

i just graduated from college (university of texas in math: actuarial option) and am now going to take some time off and play poker for a living. i think poker has come at a perfect time in my life. i started playing towards the end of college and didnt take it extremely seriously until the last year or so when i was already pretty much done with my degree, so it didnt have a chance to have a negative impact on my grades and other things. and now within the last 6-7 months ive been able to make a decent amount of money, enough to let me feel comfortable taking this risk and making this decision. my plan at the moment is to continue playing poker and use the freedom that it grants me to enjoy life while im still young and have no obligations. ill do that until poker is no longer profitable or another reason stops me from playing and then ill try to get a job and start my career. i'd imagine poker might even be interesting to mention at interviews since a lot of the concepts such as expected value, variance, risk of ruin, random variables, etc are all relevant in actuarial work and would be easy to explain to anyone in the field.

i have standard asian parents and was pretty worried about how my mom would react to my decision, especially given her bias against anything related to playing cards and gambling. she was uneasy at first but was willing to listen and i spent about 2 hours explaining to her how it was possible to have an edge, that itd be super unlikely id ever go broke, variance, my results thus far, etc and she said she trusted me so im happy about that.

i really have to thank LP for everything. this forum and its posters have been essential to my growth and improvement as a player. theres so much for a starting player to learn. you just have to actively seek it out and ask questions and take part in the discussions. so thanks for everything guys.

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